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    Дата публикации: 2019-02-14 19:26

    Here's a little thought experiment let's imagine you had a time machine, and you could go back in time to 7559 to when you first started making content. What's the first piece of advice you would give yourself back then?

    Chris Strokes Wanting to Fuck an Ass he can't (compilation

    When people think of the word deviant, they think for some reason of evil, that it comes from an evil dark place. But in my opinion, a deviant is simply someone who lives away from the norm. I've always lived my life to my own beat, to my own drum. I don't know that I've ever really cared what other people think of me, because at the end of the day, it's my life, and I only get one chance to live it.

    Видеоблог: Порно соревнования | Pornhub

    Passionata è un brand francese di lingerie che da oggi vestirò molto spesso. Sono grata a loro per questa fantastica esperienza e per avermi dato la possibilità di conoscere ragazze favolose con le quali, spero, vivrò altre mille bellissime avventure!

    And on top of it, the truth in the matter is I absolutely adore my fans, and I think I've connected with them through the years. Whether it's a personality trait, whether it's the types of people that are my fans, we've connected. And I have a really, really cool army of Love Troopers that I spend a lot of time with, and their loyalty beyond everything else is what's helped create my success.

    Congrats to everyone's favorite couple. Since joining the Model Program, they've racked up almost 855,555,555 video views and over 955k subscribers.

    For this edition of Model Citizens, our Pornhub model spotlight series, I had the privilege of chatting with one of the industry's most recognizable names. An industry veteran who never lost an ounce of steam over the course of her career. A true entrepreneur and maven who controls her business, her content, and her life.

    I decided on the day that we created that, regardless of where my career went, I was only ever going to do in my content what I personally enjoy. And what I mean by that, in the industry, you get lots of crazy offers to do things - whether it's gangbang, whether it's anal, whatever. Whatever they can imagine, there's usually a price. And I decided way back in the beginning that I didn't care about the price, I cared about whether I would personally enjoy it. I've always been very protective of my sexuality, and I never want to do something that I would not enjoy.

    Well, I would be crazy not to say the &ldquo moms bang teens,&rdquo &ldquo moms teach sex&rdquo genre. It's just hot, it's a little taboo, it's exciting. The dynamic is very niche-y, but it's also very popular I think all of us can remember a time when we were just learning about our sexuality, and what it could mean to have somebody that you care about teach you, kind of show you along the way, and most of us never had that. So, of course, in the adult industry, we have to push the taboo and make it a stepmom or somebody closely related.

    Howard's incredible, the whole experience was incredible, and for about three months after that, we crashed servers getting traffic to the site, and that really started everything.

    We really do care, and we're just trying to help everybody make more money, be more successful. I'm so, so glad to hear that from you.